What better way to do that than by accelerating the impact of others?
What you do matters and we want to see you thrive!

We believe in leaving a legacy of service and positive change. 

We’d love to share with you how we got here.

CraftATI was born on the steps of Union Station in Denver, Colorado. What was meant to be a one-hour meeting over coffee, ended as a new business, born from mirrored ambitions and a strong desire to serve.

We are not shy to say we absolutely love what we do! We believe when vision aligns with activity, life and work no longer compete for energy; they work to support each other. In this way, you know you are getting our 100%. 

We are people focused, genuine, and dedicated. 
We are deliberate about leading with happiness and are energized by delivering joy! 

Yeah, we’re pretty excited you are here! 

We bring lean methodologies and 25 years of diverse experience to solving some of most important business problems that can determine success or failure. 

We respect each other and champion our differences.

We take ownership and expect you will too.

We take risks for the purpose of a better future. 

We strive to think differently. 

We love to test assumptions.

We come prepared, just like you .

We operate with transparency and speak with candor.

We share successes and focus on positives.

How we roll...

Be unconventional

Be altruistic

Be playful

Be courageous

At CraftATI our actions are rooted in these core values:

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